Instructions/guidelines at “High Ropes Course”

This type of high rope course is unique. Our technical safety equipment in the high ropes course is in perfect order and condition. However the correct u se of the safety equipment is responsibility of attendants only. Therefore it is very important to be concentrated and careful with yourself and with the safety equipment and the fixed gears. Otherwise bad or even fatal injuries can be caused.

Please protect yourself by observing all of our warning and information signs, safety information, the general conditions and the following instructions/guidelines! Thank you. Throughout the stay in the high ropes course all instructions of the staff have to be observed. Each customer has to take part in the complete practical and theoretical safety-instruction carried out by our staff.

The safety equipment (harness, safety rope with carabiners and safety roller) can not be used without participation in the safety instruction carried out by our staff. After the safety instruction each attendant has to care for his/her safety equipment and to get through the course self-dependent.

Special guidelines for the high ropes course

Both safety carabiners always need to be hooked in the safety rope. When changing the carabiners to another wire only one carabiner may be removed and then hooked in another rope. Never remove both safety carabiners at the same time from the safety rope! Please check the safety equipment of your partner. Each carabiner that safes your life is thus checked by 4 eyes (yours and your partners´) which are always better than 2. Each station may only be passed by 1 person.

There may be not more than 3 persons on each platform at the same time. Locked or restricted areas must not be passed. Children with a body height under 1.40 m need to be accompanied by an adult during the course. School classes and children´s groups (per 5 children under 1.40 m) optionally can be accompanied by an adult or need to book additional safety staff.

The access to the high ropes course and the Zipline/Flying Fox requires a physical and mental condition which neither is a danger to you nor to others. If in doubt please refer to our safety staff and inform us about any impairments of health. Persons who are influenced by drug use (such as alcohol etc.) must NOT participate!

The entrance to the high ropes course requires a body height of min. 1.30 m – the Zipline/Flying Fox requires min. 1.60 m. Persons suffering from any diseases and/or being under medical treatment such as spine, bone or heart diseases, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and also pregnant women and persons with a weight of more than 120 kg MUST NOT take part for reasons of their own safety! Our staff is authorized to exclude persons who do not meet the required demands described above (mental and physical condition).

EVEREST general regulations and suggestions

Which clothing do you recommend?

We recommend comfortable clothing, sports clothing with sport or hiking shoes. You are also welcome to wear gloves. In wet weather conditions it is also recommended to bring a rain coat.

Are children also allowed on the high rope course?

Any child with a minimum height of 1,40m is allowed to climb alone. Children under 1,40m would have to climb accompanied by an adult. Children under 1,30m are not allowed.

But children between 3 and 8 years old and with a height of 1,10m / 1,50m have an exclusive kid’s course. The price of the kid’s Course includes only one course.

Children/teenagers under 18 years old are allowed to use the high rope course without authorization?

No. Children and teenagers under 18 years, who wish to climb alone in the high rope course must have a form of consent from either their parent or caregiver.

Is the high rope course closes sometime?

In very bad weather (thunder, lightning, hail, hard wind etc) we would have to cancel or postpone any events. For safety reasons in these conditions the course would be closed, and only in these cases a voucher equivalent to the unused time will be delivered for another day, according to availability.

How long am I allowed to stay on the high rope course?

You can stay for 3 hours maximum on the high rope course.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes, you can pay by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) or in cash.

Does the park have parking facilities? Yes. The park has parking facilities but it is not supervised. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Everest is not responsible for any object, valuables or damages to the vehicle

It is allowed to bring your own food and drink to the park?

No. The Everest Costa Brava has its own bar service where you can enjoy a variety of products