Everyone can test their individual limits on 3 different levels with a total of 90 stages. You will find ropes, beams, tyres, a bycicle or a boat, etc.. and each stage can be done in any order.

Even without a specific level of fitness, the stages can be mastered with courage and confidence.

  • 3 levels with 90 stages for adults
  • Activities between ropes
  • Circumventing beams
  • Exceeds tires
  • Crosses the boats
  • 19 kids stages
  • And some surprises that you can only enjoy live!


180 m² of many different uses

The 180 m² large platform offers many different uses: as a landscape platform or as a rest point for our climbing guests.

It exhibits its full potential especially as an event location. The elevated platform is ideally suited for holding private parties or company events. Feel free to contact us for further information.


Your events in the high rope course

The base platform with its corresponding substructure is a perfect place for instructing climbing guests.

The area can also be used as an additional event location for parties or other events in the high rope course.

0 levels
0 stages
0 atractions
0 meters high
0 kids stages


Constant crying, pure adrenaline

The Giant Swing is among the most popular attraction of the Everest-CostaBrava and makes guests scream with excitement. An electric engine pulls de swing up.

Once the highest point has been reached, the visitors can hit de release themselves – and down they go!


Maximum safety and maximum fun for the little ones

In order to turn the Everest-CostaBrava into an adventure for the whole family, we have designed a children’s course for the little ones from one meter tall to a maximum of one meter and a half.

It is integrated below the first level of the high ropes course and is equipped with a special continuous safety system. The climbing elements are tailored to the needs of children.

The children’s course has a special continuous protection system that makes easier the manipulations of children by parents and coaches.

Parents can safely trust in absolute safety of their little ones and enjoy with the whole family. This lets you enjoy with the whole family.

19 elements exclusively for children:
Min. height 1.00 m
Max. height: 1.50 m
Entrance only with suitable safety equipment and after briefing through a guide.